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Studio Lighting

Are you new to portrait photography or have less than 3 years experience?

If so, the "Studio Lighting" video is a great starting place.


In "Studio Lighting" I'll show you how to create a beautiful image with one powered strobe and one reflector. Talk about easy lighting, but "easy" doesn't mean you can't create a beautiful portrait. Watch the video and see for yourself. From two lights we move to a four light setup. Then from these 2 setups you can decide which one is right for you!


If you're currently using a large (4x6 soft box) on your main light

or want to get one, this is the video for you.


Studio Portraiture

Do you have 3 or more years experience?

If so, the "Studio Portraiture" video is a great choice.


The Studio Portraiture video begins with a 3 light setup. By using a large soft box on the Main Light you actually get a background light for free! and I'll show you how. By adding 2 reflectors to this setup you get a 4 light setup, again I'll show you "how" and tell you "why"! I'll show you the secret of correctly adding Accent lighting with a reflector. In this video I also give you insight into creating one of my "signature" images. You've got to see this for yourself!


If you want inspiration or you're ready

to take your images to a new level, this is the video for you!


 The Confident Photographer


Wow! You get over 5 hours of instruction with this set!

It's like having your own personal lighting coach that

you can listen to again and again!



The Complete Set


Wow! You get all of Don's videos to really grow your portrait knowledge! There's a week long class condensed into these 7 videos.


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